Spray on Soundproofing: How to Buy Your Next Sound Proofing Solution

You might love showing off the roar and purr of your engine, but when you’re in the driver’s seat for a lengthy period, you don’t want to be distracted by all that noise. Then again, maybe making your engine roar isn’t what you want. Maybe you’re trying to find a way to contain that power and smooth out the sound. In either case, it’s probably in your best interests to look for a soundproofing product that can bring the volume down. You can accomplish soundproofing in many ways, but there are several standard and easy-to-install options: mats, decals, and sprays.

Spray on soundproofing is one of the newest and most exciting ways to keep your vehicle at a desirable volume level, whether you’re listening to it from the side of the road or the driver’s seat. Most sound proofing spray on products involve the use of sound dampening particles mixed into a binding solution, creating a viable way to coat some of a vehicle’s most commonly noisy parts. When you’re looking for a way to buy spray on soundproofing in Australia, you might choose to search for products at several different retailers. One name you’ll want to be aware of no matter where you shop, however, is Carbuilders.

Carbuilders has been operating since 2010, and our goal is to provide comprehensive noise and heat dampening solutions for motor vehicle operators throughout Australia. To support that goal, we offer our products through many retailers located in various parts of Australia, as well as providing convenient online shipping options through our website. Look through our products to find some of the best sound proofing spray on products available anywhere in the country, then check your local shops to see if they’re available—and if not, just place your order directly with us! We’ll get your materials out to you quickly so that you can enjoy the sound of your ride.

Our Recommendation for Spray on Soundproofing

One of our most successful sound proofing spray on products is Lizard Skin Sound Control (SC). This spray-applied automotive sound dampening coating is a versatile way to control exterior noise since you can easily apply it to a variety of parts and surfaces. Using a high-grade acrylic to bind the sound dampening particles, this is a quality and long-lasting spray that is commonly used on a wide variety of motor vehicles. Lizard Skin also makes a thermal spray to help insulate your vehicle against radiant heat.

Choose Carbuilders, and Choose a Dependable Product

Whether you want to buy spray on soundproofing, insulation mats, or any other noise reducing material for your vehicle, Carbuilders is a reliable choice. Have a look through our online collection of available materials and kits, or get in touch with our customer service staff with a quick email. We’ll help you get a product suitable for your vehicle so that you can enjoy the sounds of the open road the way you were meant to experience them.