Lizard Skin Spray on Heat Shield in Australia

It gets hot in Australia. How hot? Hot enough that it can feel like you are baking inside your car. Picture this: On a long ride, the children are complaining because of the heat, their chocolate is melting onto the seats, and you wish the air conditioner were just a bit, or maybe a lot, more powerful. Your wife is looking at you with a death glare, and you know just what she’s thinking. This situation is all your fault because you didn’t install a Lizard Skin heat shield.

Why put everyone through the misery? When building a car, it’s wise to use Lizard Skin heat shield to prevent temperatures on the inside of your car from rising more than they must. It not only makes your vehicle more comfortable, but it improves the efficiency of your air conditioning system. By applying a spray on heat shield, the temperature in your car can be reduced by 30 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s a lot of comfort to lose if you don’t use a Lizard Skin heat shield in Australia.

Trust Us for Your Lizard Skin Heat Shield Needs

We are as passionate and excited as you are about making your car the best and most comfortable it can be. Through our experience, knowledge, and passion for building vehicles, we created and online place where we have sourced, engineered and packaged and exclusive range of quality thermal products. We care about the quality of the products you are using. Why? Because we are car enthusiasts too and we use the same products. Choose our product because you can trust our skill.

Lizard Skin is a lightweight, one part coating system that is a Class A fire rated, environmentally friendly solution to your heat problems. You don’t need a respirator during the easy spray on application process, and it adheres to most any material. By using a spray on barrier, you eliminate the waste of cutting and pasting, and you can easily apply it to irregular surfaces without the frustration of having to force a flat piece of material to fit on a curved surface. The Lizard Skin spray on heat shield provides non-combustible thermal insulation and can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees while offering continuous protection against moisture.

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