Lizard Skin Spray on Insulation Available in Australia

So, you have a car you’re restoring, and you are wondering if you should apply Lizard Skin spray on insulation. First, it’s important to note that you should install insulation while building the car, so you aren’t combatting the problem after completion.

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We can compare it to putting a filling inside a cake. If you add the filling while assembling the cake, it’s a much easier process. If we waited to put filling in the cake after it is frosted, the process becomes much more difficult. We risk a lot of things, not the least of which is the cosmetic appearance of the cake. The frosting will be messed up, and you may need to do it again. Why risk finishing your car, only to have to take it apart again to add the filling (i.e. insulation)? It just makes sense to add the spray on insulation while in the process of the build.

Why Lizard Skin Insulation?

It gets hot in Australia, and it gets hot in a closed car no matter where you are. Combine the two, and it makes for some uncomfortable travelling. Lizard Skin insulation in Australia keeps your car or truck cooler, making you more comfortable. It’s perfect for any car or truck, whether it’s used for show or racing or day to day driving. When you apply the Lizard Skin insulation, you can reduce the heat coming into the interior of the vehicle by 30 degrees F or more. To maximise the performance, you should coat the entire interior and all appropriate outside surfaces.

Lizard skin is a spray on coating that’s been proven on vehicles for the last ten years. It’s available in two colours, flat black and white, and it can be sanded and painted. It’s easy to use, and wet overspray can be cleaned using only soap and water. Once applied, it creates a seamless barrier which protects your car against moisture. If applied correctly, Lizard Skin can prevent new rust from forming.

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