Sound Deadening – Car Builders

Car Builders is your one stop shop for everything related to car sound deadening and car heat insulation. With our combined experience in the automotive design industry and hands-on passion for building vehicles, we have been providing motor enthusiasts with quality thermal and acoustic build materials and advice since 2009. 

Our sound deadening products are sourced, engineered and packaged specifically for our exclusive range at Car Builders. The multi-stage sound deadening products specially aims to treat the different sources of noise and also act to dampen heat and improving sound system quality. Our range of heat products are designed around providing solutions for a range of heat problems in various locations. 

Car Builders have made it easy for customers to purchase online with our secure payment system. Our shopping basket provides a real time shipping calculator and we often ship out products the same day, so you don’t have to wait to start your project. Customers are emailed confirmation of orders and shipping tracking details to ensure they are totally confident with their purchase.

With DIY pricing for quality products, there is no reason not to take your vehicle to that next level.