Direct To Heat Pipe Heat Shield

Direct To Heat Pipe Heat Shield
Direct To Heat Pipe Heat Shield


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Car Builders Direct-To-Heat Pipe Shields are designed to be applied directly to hot surfaces. Constructed from a robust, dimpled-faced aluminium which encapsulates a woven, ceramic insulation. This insulation is flame proof and capable of withstanding temperatures up to 1000°C (1832°F). With a total thickness of 8mm, these shields are compact and flexible allowing them to contour to your exhaust system.

How do I install?

1. Measure the area to be covered by laying the ceramic blanket over the pipe.
2. Trim the ceramic insulation to the required size using scissors.
3. Place the ceramic insulation on the provided embossed aluminium sheet.
4. Encapsulate the insulation by folding the aluminium sheet over it, creating a 180-degree fold.
5. Apply the encapsulated insulation to the pipe with the insulation side facing down.
6. Secure the insulation in place using the provided Click Ties or radiator hose clamps.

Ideal for:
Headers, Manifolds, Downpipes, Catalytic Converters, Exhaust systems, DPF’s

Includes 8 x Click Ties (7mm x 400mm)
Car Builders Click Ties are the adjustable stainless clamps you have been looking for. Simple to apply and removable, no more frustration with speciality tools which kind of work. These are straight forward and get the job done.



For confined spaces such as engine compartments look to cover 360° of pipes. Where pipes have opportunity for airflow such as road facing areas aim to cover 270° with venting adjacent to surface attempting to protect.

How big is my exhaust?
Circumference calculator
Exhaust size = length to wrap pipe
2” = 159.5mm
2.5” = 199.5mm
3” = 239mm
3.5” = 279mm­­­


Sheet size: 1000mm x 300mm

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