Premium Under Bonnet Insulation: The Holy Grail

Want that classic factory finish? Well, here it is. Car Builders Under Bonnet Insulation


After years of searching, we bring you the ultimate under bonnet insulation material that is superior to anything else on the market.


What were we chasing? A product that would give a classic factory-finish look. It had to be flexible so that it didn’t wrinkle and could  conform to even the most complex of under bonnets. It required supreme durability, even if it was blasted with a high-pressure washer it wouldn’t come apart. Obviously in an engine bay, it needed to be flame resistant, meeting MVSS 302, and have a high temperature rating (207ºC). 


Well, we ticked all the boxes and more. This 100% black material has a self-adhesive backing and is 5.5mm thick. With 1500mm x 1000mm it will cover large bonnets. We feel as if we have finally achieved the holy grail of under bonnet insulation.


Watch our YouTube clip to see more of the product, how it’s installed and, importantly, the finished look!



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16 April 2021
Cool post. Thank you.

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