Seal It - Butyl Tape

Seal It - Butyl Tape
Seal It - Butyl Tape Waterproof self-fusing tape


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Car Builders Seal It is a self-adhesive, sealing material that is flexible and waterproof. It will adhere to a wide range of materials and is resistant to extreme temperatures. Black in colour, it is flexible and will form back into itself like a gum.

Seal It is a universal sealing material that is ideal in the following applications

  • Doors card membranes
  • Sealing headlights 
  • Sealing seams and joints on vehicles
  • Reduce rattles and seal panels 
  • High adhesion to metal, plastic and glass
  • Non-curing, remains flexible
  • Suitable from -50°c to +130°c
  • Useful as a bonding agent






Colour: Black
Size: 6mm diameter
Length: 10m

Storage: keep sealed, horizontal and away from direct sunlight. Recommended long term storage temperature between +5°C to +25°C.

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Butyl for headlight builders

By: on 2 December 2022
After having tried a few different butyls out I can confidently say this is the better one on the market ! Big props to the team, it's an essential part in sealing up a quality headlight build.