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How to install:  


Stage 1 - Sound Deadener (SD) 

  • Map out the allocated SD to visualise coverage. Lay the sheet on the surface to assess if/how it needs to be cut to fit in planned area.
  • Ensure the surface is clean using a white-based spirit (avoid turpentine).
  • Reveal the backing of the SD. Place an end on the surface and slowly lay it down in a rolling motion until the sheet is laying on the surface. Do not pull the deadener over any depression in the surface, rather feed it down into the valley.
  • Use your application roller to apply moderate pressure evenly across the total surface. Use the handle of the roller to apply pressure in valley areas.

Coverage- Stage 1 Sound Deadener does not need to cover 100% of the surface. Before applying SD please map out the material to ensure that you have an even spread across the allocated area. You may find that you have excess sheets in your pack, these can be used in areas where you feel more is required.

Sheets can abut or slightly overlap. There may be sections with gaps between sheets. There is no need to apply to mounts, top hats, cross members etc (you are aiming to cover single sheet metal panels). Ensure you leave clearance for bolt down points and areas that require future access.

Stage 2 – Waterproof Underlay / Acoustic Liner / Insul-Layer 

  • Each of these foams are a peel and stick product.
  • It is important to lay the product down and carefully template the area it will cover before revealing the backing film. Ensure you have enough material to account for rises and falls in the shape your applying it to.
  • Once you have the template cut out, reveal one end of the product and line it up on the surface. Then slowly reveal the backing while rolling the material onto the surface, ensuring you aren’t stretching the product, rather try to slightly compress the material. This is particularly important when rolling the material into depressions in the sheet metal. If you stretch the material over and then try to push it into a depression, the material will fight to pop back up.
  • Use the application roller to apply a moderate pressure evenly across the total surface. If you happen to get an air pocket under the material, you can prick through the material to release the air and use the roller to press it down.

Stage 2 – Mass Noise Liner 

  • This product is not a peel and stick product.
  • It will sit under its own weight on the floor pan.
  • Lay the product down foam side down, vinyl side up
  • It is important to lay the product down and carefully template the area it will cover, allowing for rises and falls in the floor pan.
  • We have several tips and trick in templating this product in vehicle installs on our YouTube channel which walk through templating, relief cuts and joins.

For further questions or concerns, please contact us on 03 8777 0960.

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