I have a 4x4 do you think it is worth putting carpet underlay inside too?

Date Posted:19 May 2015 

Q. I have a 4x4 and was looking at installing sound deadener inside, do you think it is worth putting the carpet underlay inside too?

Unless you’ve got a high end luxury 4x4, chances are the manufacturer skimped in the Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) department to deliver a competitive priced truck.  Generally speaking most trucks are pretty light on when it comes to insulation, combined with typical diesel engines and off road tyres they are damn right noisy!

We recently pulled apart a late model Colorado and were surprised with the pre-dated and lack of insulation. Given this it’s no wonder most 4x4 owners have the same common complaint “I’m trying to quieten down the noise in my 4x4”



Our 2-stage approach is the solution to making that 4x4 more pleasurable to drive. Read about the 2-stage approach here


So back to the question, do you think it’s worth putting the carpet underlay inside too?

In short ‘Yes’


Why? Chances are the manufacturer put minimal in from the start, you’ve got the truck apart for the stage 1 install and there’s a good chance what’s remain is pretty much shagged!

If you’ve got heat problems or have concerns your carpet will get wet from off road abuse, I would recommend going with the Water Proof underlay. Not only will the water proof underlay give you acoustic insulation it will also give you the added benefit of thermal insulation.

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