Troopy Floor Pan, 1/4s & Door Skins
Troopy Floor Pan, 1/4s & Door Skins Front floor, 1/4 panels, rear arches and door skins

Catering for our Troopy owners we have 4 x options to transform your truck into a comfortable touring vehicle. Scroll below for inclusions in each pack. Save 10% off the Troopy Roof Kit when combined with any other Troopy pack.


Pre-cut Floorpan

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Due to significant demand and covid impacts, we are unfortunately out of this product until early November. 

Good News: to reward your patience, we are offering a 10% DISCOUNT on packs if ordered before this stock is back in store*. To take advantage of this order you will need to call us (03 8777 0960) and order over the phone. We will dispatch your order as soon as it is back in stock.

*Please note, this offer expires as soon as stock is back in store

We aim to help keep the cost and weight down by giving you just enough Stage 1 Sound Deadener and outline how much to put on each panel in the instructions. If you want to go extra with the coverage (even though it's unnecessary) we recommend getting an extra box of Stage 1 Sound Deadener.


  •  Front floor area, doors, 1/4 panels and rear wheel arches

The Troopy Floor Pan, 1/4s & Door Skins includes:
Pack 1  (approx 25kg)
3 Boxes (5.4sq/m) of Stage 1 Sound Deadener -  Apply to your firewall, front floor pan, under front seats, inner 1/4 panels, rear wheel arches, door skins.
2 Boxes (3.6sq/m) of Water Proof Underlay - Apply to front floor pan and under front seats.
1 x Install kit - Includes 1 x application roller, 1 x utility knife, 1 x roll of foil tape, stubby holder & bottle opener



Please note that pre-cut floors will dispatch within 2-3 business days.

Troopy Premium Floor Pan, 1/4s & Door Skins 

Pack 2  (approx 50kg)
3 Boxes (5.4sq/m) of Stage 1 Sound Deadener -  Apply to your firewall, front floor pan, under front seats, inner 1/4 panels, rear wheel arches, door skins.
2 Sheets (3sq/m) of Mass Noise Liner Lite - Stage 2 underlay sound barrier apply to foot wells, tranmission tunnel, under seats, 8mm thick.
2 Sheets (3sq/m) of Mass Noise Liner - Stage 2 sound barrier apply to rear cargo area 13mm thick (do not apply Stage 1 Sound Deadener under this) 
1 x Install kit - Includes 1 x application roller, 1 x utility knife, 1 x roll of foil tape, stubby holder & bottle opener.

The Troopy Roof kit includes:
Roof Pack
  (approx 12kg)
2 Boxes (3.6sq/m) of Stage 1 Sound Deadener -  Apply to your roof skin to control resonance, minimum 50% coverage of open skin sheet metal.
1 x Aluminium Foil Tape - Use to seal all sound deadener edges.
1 x Application Roller - To roll on the Stage 1 Sound Deadener (not included if purchased with an above pack that already comes with a roller)
Receive a 10% discount on roof kits when purchased with other Troopy packs






Customer Reviews

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Amazing result

By: on 15 December 2020
Thanks for your product. With the video it has been easy to install however it still takes time. The result on the road and unsealed road is amazing. Well done guys.


Troopie sound deadening

By: on 7 June 2020
Searched the internet for sound deadening material for my 2006 Troopie. Read all the reviews and the only product that kept getting rave reviews was Car Builders Troopie kits. It was a no brainer to purchase the kit. Enough product to complete the entire floor and fire wall. Took a bit of work to get in as the Troopie floor isn't exactly flat but over 1 hours it was done. Great quality product that adhears very well. I went with the kit that has the 10mm water proofing. This did make it interesting getting the carpet back into place, but got it back in. I would recommend and Troopie owners to apply this product. The sound deadening and heat barrier properties of these products is second to none. Cabin comfort has been improved.


Best comfort mod for a 70

By: on 3 February 2020
Finished installing all of the high quality Car Builders sound deadening and am so impressed with the result. Have used their products on my previous 40 series Ute but the difference it makes in a Troopy is awesome and install was quick and easy. Makes the car so much more comfortable and quiet on long drives!


Roof kit installation

By: on 1 July 2019
Great product with great result. Just a thought on the installation of the central layer of sound deadener is to leave a small section out where each cross member is as the extra thickness together with the sound matt make it very difficult to get the cross members back in and would certainly use this product again.


Get it

By: on 18 February 2019
Repeat customer. Prompt with enquirers, product is top quality. The troopy no longer sound like a tin can. Will get it for all my 4wds from now on.


Great product

By: on 14 July 2018
Repeat customer, the product is great and it does what it is meant to do. When you close the doors on the Troopy it now sounds and feels solid. Sound wise there is a noticeable difference. For those with a roof rack make sure you fit the roof kit, aerodynamics is not the Troopy's strong point.


Troopy project

By: on 26 February 2018
Products were easy to use went in really well had enough product with a bit left over mainly rear matting . I cant comment about the acoustics yet as I am going to checker plate door and side cards next week end the job took two days for the premium pack