Sound Deadener/ Sound Deadening Material - Stage 1

Sound Deadener - Stage 1 - 1 Box - 1.8 - OEM Black
Sound Deadener - Stage 1 - 1 Box - 1.8 - OEM Black


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1 x Box  1.8sq/m 12 Sheets - Door/Boot Kit $105.00
2 x Boxes 3.6sq/m 24 Sheets - Floor Kit $199.00
3 x Boxes 5.4sq/m 36 Sheets - Boot or roof & Floor Kit $295.00
4 x Boxes  7.2sq/m 48 Sheets - Build Kit - Complete Car $379.00
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Buy any Sound Deadener and add a Roller +$20
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Car Builders Stage 1 Sound Deadener is a vibration (sound) dampening mat. It consists of a butyl rubber noise absorption layer combined with an aluminium top layer.

Each box has 12 sheets, each sheet is 300x500mm and 2-2.2mm thick

Our butyl based Sound Deadener does not require heating, does not smell, will not go brittle over time - which are all qualities of old style tar or bitumen sound deadening materials. 

Our Sound Deadener does not run the risk of coming unstuck as there is no adhesive layer to fail - our pressure sensitve butyl rubber is sticky by itself. 



  • Easy installation - just peel off the release liner and roll it on
  • 100% waterproof - does not rot or deteriorate
  • Cuts with scissors or a knife
  • Reduces heat transfer
  • Conforms and fuses easily to all types of sheet metal


  • Under carpets
  • Roof skins
  • Inside cavities
  • 1/4 panels
  • Doors
  • Boots/trunks
  • Firewalls

Colours (product is exactly the same - only the print on the top changes)
Silver - Silver with black logo
Black - Black with silver logo
OEM Silver - Plain silver no logo
OEM Black - Plain black no logo




See more clips on installing on our YouTube channel


Sound Deadener comes packaged in 1.8sq/m (20sq/ft) boxes, see below

- 12 sheets per box

- 2-2.2mm thick

    Sheet sizes is:

              300mm x 500mm

 All our colour options are the exact same sound deadener - same price, same size, same butyl rubber. It is only the colours that is printed on the top that changes. 

Silver - Silver with black logo
Black - Black with silver logo
OEM Silver - Plain silver no logo
OEM Black - Plain black no logo


Black Butyl based core with silvery aluminium reinforced layer backed with white wax paper release liner.

2.0 - 2.2mm

3.2kg/p sm

Acoustic Loss Factor:
(ASTM method E756 @ 200Hz, Temperature range -10°C to +60°C)
0.08 to 0.41

Recommended Install Temperature:
-10°C to +60°C

Resistance Temperature Range:
-40°C to +149°C

Chemical Resistance:
Resistant to water and mineral oils

Adhesive Peel Strength:
65N/cm on cold steel

Product should be stored at room temperature for best application and should be stored horizontally in its package.

Customer Reviews

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Excellent product

By: on 20 February 2021
Excellent product, I’ve just finished doing my Holden Ute. Works very well easy to use, easy to cut with scissors, I’m very happy with the product will definitely buy again.


Excellent product

By: on 13 February 2021
Used a box on my floor pan excellent quality


Troopy revamp

By: on 7 February 2021
I used a box of black to go over my wheel well and it has worked a treat, easy to use & simple


Easy as 1-2-3

By: on 27 January 2021
Great service and an easy to use product, pre-form shape and size, peel, stick and roll out... can’t go wrong


Fantastic results

By: on 18 January 2021
Just finished the install of the sound deadening in my Perentie 6x6 the difference now is fantastic, great products and easy to install


Sound deadened

By: on 11 January 2021
great for stopping noise in your car easy to install and not to big a bulky to store around the house for a while


awesome product

By: on 10 January 2021
awesome product install was easy really happy


32 Ford 3 window coupe

By: on 20 December 2020
Just installed in the doors , dickie seat and roof. Great product and so easy to use for home builders. Will be ordering more to finish off inside rear quarters and floor.


Easy to use and great results

By: on 29 November 2020
Bought some sound deadening mats and mass loaded vinyl. Products were shipped quickly and were easy to install using their roller! Mass loaded vinyl is very effective, if you need a more durable surface go with the sound barrier floor mat! This is great stuff!


Great stuff!

By: on 25 October 2020
The previous owner of my HJ47 had done most of the cab with this before I bought it. I bought another box to finish the job. Firewall, floor, rear wall and inside doors have all been done now. It is so quiet inside it could be a much more modern vehicle!


Absolutely fantastic!

By: on 12 October 2020
We bought a new van that was so noisey people couldn’t hear us when we phoned them from the van, we used this on the wheel archers, side panels and roof. It worked! Easy to apply- watched the videos on how to. Would highly recommend


Quiet Hyundai iLoad

By: on 13 September 2020
So my youngest daughter purchased a Hyundai iLoad to convert into a campervan and I came across Car Builders sound Deadener by chance while getting ideas on how to fit the van out, damn glad I did! Because we will be fitting out the rear we striped it back to the shell which made it easier to install, also removed the roof lining and did above the drivers/passengers heads. The difference is simply amazing! The roof no longer sounds like a bloody empty tin can but a Rolls Royce (not that I'd know mind you). The daughter was keen to fit the sound deadener herself so a 27 YO woman that as a DIY person, makes a good nurse basically did the whole van. I'm just glad I managed to save one box so I can do the rear of my Prado. This product is an absolute must do, if you have your car/van/truck stripped back it really is a no brainer. I can't seem to upload pictures regrettably.



By: on 9 September 2020
Looks good, and that easy to do even a hillbilly like me can do it. Cuts easy also so can be formed to most shapes I noticed thou I used the round ended screw driver handle to form some of them so will be getting more soon . Thanks again .


Good stuff

By: on 26 July 2020
Good product, easy to install


The proof is in the pudding

By: on 20 July 2020
I have purchased and installed the sound deadener using the install kit to my Landy Defender. The difference is immense, I can finally hear whats playing on the radio. Cannot speak highly enough of the product