Sound Deadener - Stage 1

Sound Deadener - Stage 1 - 1 Box - 1.8 - Black + Application Roller

Sound Deadener - Stage 1 - 1 Box - 1.8 - Black + Application Roller


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1 x Box (SD) 1.8sq/m 12 Sheets - Door/Boot Kit $99.00
2 x Boxes (2SD) 3.6sq/m 24 Sheets - Floor Kit $179.00
3 x Boxes (3SD) 5.4sq/m 36 Sheets - Boot & Floor Kit $260.00
4 x Boxes (4SD) 7.2sq/m 48 Sheets - Build Kit - Complete Car $339.00
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Car Builders Sound Deadener is a vibration (sound) dampening mat. The material consists of an anti-drum noise absorption layer, combined with an aluminium top layer forming a heat and acoustic barrier. Its pressure sensitive self-adhesive back conforms and fuses easily to sheet metal and other hard substrates. It has excellent performance for acoustic dampening under varying temperature ranges and is highly resistant to aging.

Butyl Mat is today’s alternative to traditional bitumen body dampening. Our Sound Deadener is best suited to restorers, repairers, vehicle builders and audio enthusiasts, who demand acoustic and heat insulation as bench marked by leading automotive manufacturers.

Installing Sound Deadener

See more clips on installing on our YouTube channel


Sound Deadener comes packaged in 1.8sq/m (20sq/ft) boxes, see below

     1 x box contains:

               12 x sheets



     Sheet sizes are:

              300mm x 500mm



Black Butyl based core with 4 mil silvery aluminium reinforced layer backed with white wax paper release liner.

2.0 - 2.2mm

3.2kg/p sm

Acoustic Loss Factor:
(ASTM method E756 @ 200Hz, Temperature range -10°C to +60°C)
0.08 to 0.41

Recommended Install Temperature:
-10°C to +60°C

Resistance Temperature Range:
-40°C to +149°C

Chemical Resistance:
Resistant to water and mineral oils

Adhesive Peel Strength:
65N/cm on cold steel

Product should be stored at room temperature for best application and should be stored horizontally in its package.

Customer Reviews

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The difference is incredible

By: on 5 September 2019
I bought a stripped-out '96 Hiace Commuter van to convert to a camper. I love the van but the noise inside was like an assault, almost unbearable. I bought two packs of the noise deadener and used them on the wheel hubs, the floor and sides, wherever the metal sounded tinny or echo-ey when knocked, as I didn't have enough to do the whole van. The difference was quite remarkable, and the van is now a pleasant drive. I consider the product worth every penny.



By: on 28 August 2019
Great product easy to use, and it works with great effect.


Great product

By: on 28 August 2019
Was amazed by the quality and how much cheaper then the competitors it was. Will buy again.


Sound Deadener Kit - Great Product ... Easy Instal

By: on 14 July 2019
Product was very pliable which made the installation ... relatively easy. The sound difference to my Toyota Hiace Commuter, which I use for my passenger shuttle business, was "Night & Day". After the install, the level of noise dropped significantly.


Tranquility mats

By: on 17 June 2019
Purchased these to sound deaden my Hiace camper conversion. Installed them on the flat roof panels, wall panels, wheel wells and doors. The difference is insane! Two boxes (3.6 sq m) allowed me to cover about 60% of all the panels and 100% of the rear wheel wells in a 2006 LWB. You don't need full coverage to get great results - covering about 50 to 70% of any panel is enough to take the ring out of it. Can't recommend these enough for anyone looking to improve the quality of their ride while driving and while parked/sleeping.


Great value for money

By: on 14 June 2019
I have deadened many cars but first time using Carbuilders for me. Great performance and for less than half the cost of some other brands. I’m impressed and will use CB from now on.


Great products and even better service

By: on 24 April 2019
I recently used Sound Deadener stage 1, Insu -layer 3mm and Mass Noise Liner to reduce cabin noise in my son's Mitsubishi Challenger PB series. From start to finish I found the Car Builders web site and videos excellent for prompting me to have a go at the DIY job. The comprehensive videos giving first hand experience and knowledge by Brendan are some of the best instructional videos on any DIY product that I have seen. Brendan's instructional videos, and his advice re proper preparation is certainly the key to a good result and a little extra time taken to get the job ready for the Stage 1 Sound Deadener certainly paid dividends.


Easy to use and effective

By: on 6 August 2018
I used Stage 1 Sound Deadener for my van. Even as a first-timer, the product was very easy to apply to roof, walls and floor using the application roller.


Stage 1 sound deadener.

By: on 2 January 2018
Easy to use, just peel and stick. Some cutting around irregularly shaped areas, but it was not difficult. It is fairly heavy, and I estimate probably close to 100 kg increase in weight for a Mercedes Sprinter. The difference is beyond comparison, from a rattly booming van, to a quiet ride in which I can hear the stereo without turning it up to kill. Brendan from CarBuilders was most helpful, and I would recommend dealing with him.


Aluminium acoustic tape

By: on 4 November 2016
Great product and arrived quickly, very happy



By: on 23 August 2016
Great stuff to use....even in the depths of Melbourne's cold winter......STICKY......EASY TO CUT/PLACE.....STRETCHES DOWN TO THE BOTTOM OF ALL THOSE SWAGES AND DRAIN HOLES. You don't need to stick it EVERYWHERE!!!! like u see on the Internet.......just tap on the surface to see if it drums......if so, then go ahead. Just make sure the surface is clean before u start.....Prepsol or metho make for great surface preparation. Buy and use the roller to save yourself some grief, the urethane roller is MUCH BETTER than a hardware store version. Use the back of the handle to squish into corners and grooves. Disclaimer. I'm a friend of Brendan's but I chose the product because of its quality.



By: on 22 March 2016
Top Stuff, Best Deadener available in my opinion! Easy to use!


Install in Ford XRAnniversary

By: on 7 March 2016
I received great advice from Brendan from the first enquiry that I made. On his advice I purchased the sound deadener install kit. It was perfect for installing on all four door skins. The results are beyond my expectations. Road noise has been substantially reduced and sound quality from the stereo has been improved. If I change cars I will be back car builders for more product to install. Cheers


Hilliman Imp

By: on 3 February 2016
Just fitted sound deadening on the engine cover, rear deck and front doors on my Hillman Imp. Totally killed most resonaces and rattles, car much more civilised. Very easy to fit


sound deadener

By: on 1 February 2016
very quick postage, can not fault the product. installs really easy, purchased for a car audio install and i am extremely happy with more rattles from the boot or front doors,will definitely be getting more