Peel & Stick Heat Shield

Peel & Stick Heat Shield Light 300mm x 520mm
Peel & Stick Heat Shield Light 300mm x 520mm


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Car Builders Peel & Stick Heat Shield pressure sensitive adhesive makes these heat shields easy and versatile to install, particularly in tight spaces. It is widely used as a thermal barrier in many industries and works effectively to block heat around fuel tanks/systems, tunnel shields, floor pans, exhaust systems, body shields, transmissions, fluid lines and to protect non ferrous materials. Constructed from a needle punched fibreglass with a polyester core and durable aluminium face that comes in two thicknesses. The product has been oven test for 30 hours with no failure at 475ºF (246ºC)
Lite is easy to form. As the top aluminium lay is thinner (0.05mm), this product suits applications where greater versatility is required on irregular surfaces such as under bonnet, motorcycle fairings, inner guards, air boxes, batteries etc
Peel & Stick Heat Shield Heavy (0.25mm aluminium thickness) is best used for applications over flatter surfaces or near exhaust systems and heat elements use. It is also recommended for road facing applications as it has greater puncture resistance. 
Pros- Direct apply to surface being protected, ideal for tight spaces. Can be applied to plastic surfaces e.g. fuel tanks. Available in two aluminum thicknesses.
Unsure which product to use? Watch our YouTube clips below.


  • Light Weight
  • Easily formed into place
  • Very effective in limited space
  • Approved at several major OEM's
  • Acoustical sound deadening benefits without the squeak or rattle issues of stampings
  • Interior or exterior applications
  • Easy installation - just peel off the release liner and adhere to surface.


  • Fuel tank/system
  • Tunnel shields
  • Floor pans
  • Exhaust systems
  • Body shields
  • Transmissions
  • Steering components
  • Fluid lines
  • Rubber mounts
  • Axle bushings

Installing Peel & Stick Heat Shield



Heat Shields
Heat shields are an effective way to neutralise or reduce heat issues before they become a problem in the cabin. By dealing with the heat issue at its source, you will have far less issues within the car so that you, and you passengers, can enjoy your cool ride.
Why would I use a heat shield?
Heat shields deal with heat issues at its source and are the most effective means of reducing radiant heat from entering a vehicle’s interior and they can protect body panels form engine and exhaust heat. The majority of heat issues in vehicles are due to radiant heat rather than conductive heat. For example, heat that radiates from a heat source, or a distance, (engine, headers, turbo etc) to another point as opposed to it being in direct contact with the heat source. Although the heat shield itself will get hot, it stops the radiant heat hitting the firewall, floor pan or area you are trying to shield from heat. Heat shield insulation may also be used for performance gains. Shielding an air filter box with a heat shield can reduce intake temperatures. This can create more horsepower and improve fuel mileage. 
Where can I use them? 
These heat shields can be used anywhere between a heat source and an area you are trying to reduce radiant heat e.g.  underside of the fire wall, floorpan, transmission tunnel, turbos, air intake box, under cab (above: muffler, catalytic converter, PDF, exhaust system), and fuel cell. The Peel and Stick Shields can’t be applied directly onto the heat source e.g. exhausts. 
What is the difference between the Embossed Heat Shield and the Peel and Stick Heat Shield?
The Embossed Heat Shield is a double sheet of aluminium. It is intended to be spaced off the body to  allow for an air gap, preventing heat conducting and transferring through the surface you are trying to protect. The Peel and Stick Heat Shield has an aluminium face with a dense fabric backing that has an adhesive lining so it can be stuck to the surface you are trying to protect.
How does the Peel and Stick Heat Shield work?
The Peel and Stick Shield has an adhesive backing on a dense fabric (needle punch polyester on wool) and is designed to be placed directly to an exterior surface. The aluminium faces the heat source to work as a heat sink and reflect heat. Any heat that does transfer through then needs to pass through the compost core to reach the surface you are protecting, such as the floor pan. Ideally an Embossed Heat Shield spaced off the protected area creating an air gap would be used to reduce radiant heat, however when you have restricted space then this is the next most effective means to reducing heat at the source.
How much heat will the Embossed Heat Shield reduce?
The Embossed Heat Shield can reflect over 90-percent of heat when optimally installed e.g. 2.5cm air gap and good air flow. If these conditions can’t be achieved the percentage will be reduced. Simply put, the greater the airflow and distance between the heat barrier and heat source, the greater the improvement to the product’s performance.
Which heat shield is better?
Both heat shields are effective means of reducing heat but the choice of shield depends on the application or the area you are applying it. The Embossed Heat Shield with an air gap with be most effective way to stop heat, however if you are restricted by space and the shield contacts the side you are protecting then the Peel and Stick Heat Shield is a better choice
How close to an exhaust/header etc can I use them?
An Embossed Heat Shield can contact a heat source that reaches up to 650°c, however it will be far more effective with an air gap. You can’t apply the Peel and Stick Heat Shield to an exhaust or heat source as it would mean the adhesive side is stuck to the hot surface; it is engineered to have the aluminium surface facing the heat source.
Do I need tin snips to cut and modify my heat shield products?
No, both heat shields can be easily cut with a pair of heavy duty scissors or utility knife. 
How do I make a heat shield?
This is a simple DIY project. We have a YouTube clip that provides a tutorial with handy tips.


Technical Specifications

Material Type:                             Polyester & Fiberglass core material

Temperature:                              Withstands 246ºC (475ºF) oven test for 30 hours with no failure

Core Thickness:                          3mm (0.125 inch)

Foil Thickness:                            0.25mm (0.010”) for the Heavy face
                                                    0.05mm (0.010”) for the Light face, 

Weight:                                       915-1400 g/m (3-4.5 oz/ft2)

Moisture Absorption:                   0.3% 

Thermal Conductivity                  24ºC: 0.036 W/m/ºK

(K-value)                                      93ºC: 0.043 W/m/ºK

 Adhesion To E-Coated Steel       22.1 N/cm after 24hr Dwell

 Tensile Strength                          526 N/cm2 

 Tear Resistance                          333 N/cm 

Customer Reviews

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Transmission tunnel barrier

By: on 1 July 2023
2003 Dodge Ram 1500. Had this truck since new, so a few years ago while the transmission was out for rebuild, I took my peel & stick to the shop and applied it to the transmission tunnel with foil tape sealing. I've been overjoyed by the performance in Texas heat. While sitting in traffic (100+ degrees, 90% humidity) the tunnel is barely radiating into the cabin. A/C performance seems greatly increased. After years, the adhesive hasn't budged, still solidly there, but some of the foil tape didn't stay. Double thumbs up to CarBuilders. Great product!


Peel & stick heavy duty heat shield

By: on 30 January 2023
We found this to be great after fitting to an atv to protect heat between your legs.


Heavy duty heat shield

By: on 18 December 2022
Used this product to wrap a fuel cell located close to a oil can dry sump set-up in my boot for a racecar. Works perfectly, would highly recommend for this application. Thanks


Game changing insulation

By: on 22 July 2022
Well made heatshield material used to protect my new ABS module from exhaust heat #e39


Under body heat protection

By: on 22 May 2022
I purchase this to protect My fuel drop tank from exhaust heat, perfect look and super sticky! The extra thick version is perfect to also help protect from impact and small stones


Protection for you engine bay paint from turbo

By: on 11 May 2022
Peel & Stick Heat Shield Heavy is the perfect product if you want to protect the paintwork in your engine bay from those hot turbo chargers, I was concerned about how good the product actually sticks but I can tell you it ain’t coming off! Super strong adhesion on the back makes it super easy to put in place and know it’s going to stay there! The edges fold nice a neat also for a nice and tidy finish


Heat shield

By: on 10 April 2022
Great product


Great product

By: on 7 March 2022
Heat shield easy to use,sticks well,blocks heat as advertised.AA


Peel & Stick Heat Shield

By: on 3 February 2022
Easy to use and worked very well, also helped with the noise, used it on the fire wall of my MGB GT V8.


Stick Heat Shield Heavy Face, 600 x 1060mm with Fo

By: on 11 November 2021
Amazing product, looks fantastic and stops the heat in our engine hatch. Thanks


Heavy Duty Peel & Stick Heat Shield

By: on 6 May 2021
Just used this product on the inside of my guard as i have a low mount Turbo. Product stuck great and has reduced the temps on the guard to help protect paint. Was easy to apply and could be moulded to suit slight shapes


Peel and stick

By: on 9 April 2021
Awesome product


L77 and 6l80 into a 80 series Landcruiser

By: on 28 February 2021
I used the Peel & Stick Heat Shield Heavy on the firewall and trans tunnel before I put the motor in. Looks good and was easy to install. Just need to take your time to get the right shape before you cut.


Peel and stick heat shield

By: on 10 September 2020
Just installed a combination of the heavy and light heat shield on the transmission tunnel and underfloor of my MGB rebuild. The product requires some effort to cut but once shaped it sticks in place very well. Making a template before cutting the heatshield is worth taking the extra time. Taping the edges gives a neat finish and seals the core material.


Best thing I’ve done to my Landcruiser

By: on 6 July 2020
I used this to help cool the notoriously hot Landcruiser transmission tunnel. Now on long drives I can rest my left foot there without it burning. It’s not just cooler, it’s literally cold like the rest of the interior. Application was simple and I was surprised how well it stuck. Removing the gearbox to get at the underside of the tunnel was another thing though...