Find the Automotive Insulation You Need: Buy Thermal or Sound Insulation Products from Australia’s C

Whether you are building a new vehicle, restoring a classic car or repairing a vehicle that you believe still has plenty of road life left in it, automotive insulation should be a point of focus in your process. Many car builders or restorers make the mistake of going through their entire projects without thinking about automotive sound or temperature insulation. They then try to combat issues with temperature or road noise in the end—adding time, expense and complexity to their projects. Had they just incorporated insulation into their building or restoration work from the beginning, they would have been able to get their cars on the road more quickly and at a lower cost.

Carbuilders: Your Source for Automotive Insulation in Australia

At Carbuilders, we consider it our job to give auto builders, restorers or repairers access to the parts they need to insulate their vehicles competently and reliable. Since 2010, we have been an essential source for automotive insulation products in Australia.

The automotive insulation products we source fall into two different categories: thermal and acoustic. Our automotive sound insulation materials are terrific for reducing road noise and maximising the performance of car audio systems. Our thermal insulation materials help to reduce heat in the cabin—both from the engine and from the elements. Both types of insulation are vital for building a car that is comfortable and enjoyable to ride in or drive.

In addition to allowing customers to buy automotive insulation in both thermal and acoustic forms, Carbuilders also stocks a broad product range that allows you to add insulation to your vehicle in many ways. In our automotive sound insulation product range alone, we carry peel-and-stick products, removable mats, and paint-on applications. All these systems can provide acoustic insulation.

Similarly, Carbuilders can help you control heat issues with both external and internal solutions. Some of our sound dampening products even include some thermal insulation properties.

As you can see, there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution when it comes to automotive insulation. Which option is best for you will depend on your preferred method of installation, as well as how much road noise or engine heat you struggle with when you get your car out on the highway. These factors vary from vehicle to vehicle and driver to driver. It’s for these reasons that Carbuilders have developed such a broad range of products. Thanks to the flexibility of our product range, we can surely help you develop the right insulation strategy for your car.

Finish Your Car Building or Restoration Project, with the Help of the Carbuilders Team

If you need an insulation solution for the car you are building, restoring or repairing, don’t trust just any retailer to provide you with what you need. Instead, buy your automotive insulation from Carbuilders, where we are as passionate about building and revitalising vehicles as you are. Whether you are working on a classic car or a new automobile, we will help you find the right acoustic and thermal insulation solutions. Call us on 03 8777 0960 to get advice on which type of insulation is best for your purposes.