Get the Most Out of Your Car Stereo: Buy a Car Sound Deadener from Australia’s Carbuilders

Picture this scenario: you recently invested a sizable amount of money in installing a state-of-the-art stereo system in your car. You are anticipating cruising around town blasting your music and basking in the glory of booming bass and crystal clear highs. To make sure the stereo is working well, you test it in your driveway while your car is in a stationary position. It sounds perfect, so you decide to perform the next test by taking the car for a drive. That’s where things start to go awry—at least if you don’t have a good car sound deadener in place.

Many, many car audio junkies have run into some variation of this struggle over the years. The audio sounds crystal clear when the car isn’t moving but get the vehicle out on the road—or especially out on the highway—and the road noise starts to factor into the equation. Suddenly, the bass sounds muffled, the higher frequencies sound muddy, and the whole stereo sounds quieter than you ever expected. You crank up the volume to drown out the rattle and hum of the road and the car, but the sound doesn’t clear up much. Instead, your only reward is a pair of ringing ears, aching from the loud music by the time you finally get home and kill the engine.

Find a Sound Deadener for Your Car and Maximise the Potential of Your New Stereo System

The big question is what you can do to improve the sound of your stereo? The last thing you want is to have to settle for poor sound quality from a stereo that you probably spent a lot of money and time to install in your vehicle.

The good news is that the problem has very little to do with the stereo itself. Even good audio equipment can sound bad when road noise gets in the way, and road noise is usually the culprit in the scenario described above. It might be hard to believe that road noise could be so loud that it could defeat your robust new stereo system. However, between the hum of your tyres on the asphalt, the roar of your engine, the rattle of your exhaust system and the wind, you are getting a lot of outside noise in your car cabin.

The key to making your stereo system sound the way you want it to, then, is acoustical insulation. You want a sound deadener for your car that can block road noise and allow the stereo to do its job. At Carbuilders, we stock multiple car sound deadeners in Australia. These systems use flexible materials to absorb noise as well as provide thermal insulation. On the acoustical end, our products will reduce the amount of road noise you hear in your vehicle, thereby giving your expensive stereo system the spotlight it deserves.

Buy a Car Sound Deadener Today

Are you in need of a car sound deadener in Australia? Carbuilders’ Black Label Sound Deadener is an ideal solution for automotive audio enthusiasts. To learn more about this sound deadener for cars, give us a call today on 03 8777 0960.