Trust Carbuilders to Provide a High-Quality Truck Sound Deadener Solution in Australia

Trucks are typically highly industrial in their construction. There is an obvious reason for this fact. Quite simply, trucks are built to cover a lot of distance, to carry heavy loads and to handle rugged terrain along the way. As a result, trucks typically lack some of the creature comforts that you would find in other automobiles—including sound deadening technology and high-quality thermal insulation.

If you’ve ever been on a multi-day road trip by yourself in your truck, then you have probably noticed the lack of creature comforts. Some trucks are not adequately insulated, which means that they either get hot or cold quickly, depending on the weather outside. More frequently, though, trucks have not been properly insulated for sound. As a result, you end up getting a lot of road noise in the cabin. You can try to drown out the road noise with music or audiobooks, but the only real solution is a truck sound deadener.

Want to Improve Your Truck? Buy a Truck Sound Deadener from Carbuilders Today

At Carbuilders, we can help you solve the acoustical issues in your truck. We stock an array of proprietary truck sound deadeners in Australia. Our sound deadeners are mats that overlay your vehicle’s floor pan or undercarriage. For instance, our Black Label truck sound deadeners combine anti-drum noise absorption layers (which help stop noise before it reaches your vehicle’s cabin) and aluminium top layers (which provide additional acoustic insulation, as well as some thermal insulation).

By installing a sound deadener in your truck, you can drastically reduce the noise in your cabin. Whether you are plagued by engine noise, tyre noise or other types of irritating road noise, a Black Label sound deadening package from Carbuilders will help solve the problem. For the first time, you will be able to enjoy a genuinely quiet cabin on your cross-country road trips. You will be amazed at how much difference an acoustically insulated environment makes in your truck. Not only do our sound deadeners remove irritating background noise, but they will also leave you feeling far less fatigued at the end of a long haul.

In addition to the truck sound deadeners we stock in Australia, Carbuilders also carries a range of heat shield products, to add extra thermal insulation to your truck. Our Black Label sound deadener for cars and trucks provides some thermal insulation, but a heat shield will do even more to prevent engine heat from entering the cabin. You will enjoy a more comfortable ride, and you won’t have to rely on your air conditioning so much to keep your cabin at a comfortable, balanced temperature.

Learn More about Carbuilders and Our Acoustic and Thermal Insulation Products for Trucks

You wouldn’t drive a car that was poorly insulated or plagued with continuous road noise, so why would you put up with excessive heat or sound while driving your truck? You spend hours (or maybe even days) in your truck every week. You deserve a comfortable environment, and Carbuilders can help you achieve it. To buy one of our truck sound deadeners in Australia, give us a call on 03 8777 0960.