Mass Noise Liner Glue

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Mass Noise Liner Glue

RapidStick 8105


The solution for joining Mass Noise Liner, keep in mind not all glues are the same. Combine with our Joining tape for ease and professional execution when creating a sound barrier in your vehicle.

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Rapid stick 8105 is a Cyanoacrylate ultra-fast set, general purpose liquid adhesive. In short it’s a "Super Glue" but, all glues are not the same. Rapid Stick 8105 has been proven and tested to bond to our Mass Noise Liner material, creating a permanent bond. So strong in fact it the material will tear apart before the glue fails.

Rapid Stick will allow you to bandage and join sheets of Mass Noise Liner when contouring to your vehicle floorplan. You can also get creative and bond Velcro to adjoining surfaces to create removable sound barriers. This glue is helpful during installations to create a total sealed sound barrier and that professional finish.


Composition Ethyl Cyanoacrylate
Appearance Colourless liquid
Viscosity @ 25°C, Brookfield LVF, Spindle 1, 60 rpm 5 - 8 cps

Gap Filling Up to 0.03 mm
Tensile Shear Strength 18 - 28 N/mm2
Service Temperature Range -60°C to +80°C
Full Cure 24 hours
Melting Point Temperature 160°C to 170°C

Glass Transition Temperature, ASTM E228 122°C
Dielectric Strength, ASTM D149, V/mil 625
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion, ASTM D696, K-1 90 x 10-6
Coefficient of Thermal Conductivity, ASTM C177, W.m-1.K-1 0.1
Shear Strength (ASTM D 1002/DIN 53283)
Grit Blasted Steel > 20 N/mm2
Rubbers > 22 N/mm2
Polycarbonate > 12 N/mm2
Etched Aluminium > 18 N/mm2
Wood > 25 N/mm2
ABS > 10 N/mm2

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