Control Heat and Sound with a Van Insulation and Soundproofing Kit from Carbuilders

Vans can be quite noisy vehicles. If you have a sound meter, you can measure the level of sound inside your van while you are driving. Consider that a bulldozer that is idling measures around 85 decibels, which is loud enough to cause hearing damage after eight continuous hours. Now, your van might not be that loud, but it is loud sufficiently to make driving a real hassle. Van soundproofing kits from Carbuilders are an easy solution to your noise problem. Carbuilders has been providing customers with soundproofing and insulation solutions since 2010. With a warehouse near Melbourne, Carbuilders is Australia’s premier brand in the car, truck, and van insulation market.

What Causes Noise in Your Van?

Noise is generated in a few ways in your van. The panels of the van, including your doors, will vibrate as the van moves. The faster the van travels; the more you may notice extra noise. Noise can also come through the floor of the vehicle. Obviously in any vehicle, the engine makes a good deal of noise, and some engines make more noise than others. Then, there is sound associated with your van’s tyres. As the van travels, the tyres make noise against the road, and some tyres make more noise than others. Add all these sounds together, and you may not be able to hear yourself think when you drive your van.

Eliminate Interior Noise with a Van Insulation and Soundproofing Kit

Carbuilders can provide you with the solution you need to get rid of all the noise inside your van. We have a variety of mats as well as our Sound Deadener which can help to eliminate the noise created by panels and doors. Our dampening products and soundproofing kits stop panels and doors from resonating. Sounds from a noisy engine can be blocked using products like our under-bonnet insulation and exhaust header wrap. Like the Sound Deadener, these products can block the sound coming from an engine and make for a more pleasant driving experience.

What has allowed us to develop noise and heat reducing products at Carbuilders is a sound knowledge of automotive design. Knowing the construction of cars, vans, and trucks gives us the ability to understand where sound is created and how to eliminate it within a vehicle. Since there are numerous car designs, there are all sorts of ways noise gets inside a vehicle. Knowing that, Carbuilders can provide a variety of solutions for our customers.

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