Bully Rubber Liner Paint - Blacks and Greys

Bully Water Based Paint Midnight 4L
Bully Water Based Paint Midnight 4L Midnight Black 4L x 1L screw on spray tin


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Made in Australia, Bully Rubber Liner is one tough coating. It's made from recycled tyres and even better, it's non-toxic and water based making it easy to use and easy to clean up.

Bully Rubber Liner can be rolled, brushed or sprayed on. If applying by spray gun a 3mm nozzle is required, you can also apply by stone guard or Schutz style underbody guns.

Bully comes in 1L tins, simply shake and you're ready to go. Screw on an underbody spray gun to the top of tin, connect air supply and spray. This paint offers great adhesion and will stick to most substrates with little preparation. 

Bullyliner is a super durable coating and is ideal for; inner guards, floor pans, boots, speaker boxes, tool boxes, bull bars, rockers, industrial equipment, ute trays, trailers, anything you can imagine.

When painting the following substrates we suggest:
Metal- all bare metal should be coated with a etch primer to ensure it is sealed before apply Bully
ABS - prep surface with adhesion promoter and plastic primer as per standard bumper repair
Painted surface - sand surface with min 120g paper to remove all shine.
NOTE: all substrates should be sanded to ensure the paint keys in, the paint will adhere as good as your surface is prepped.



Installing Bullyliner



1L 4-6sqm in a single coat approx.
4L 16-24sqm in a single coat approx.

Minimum two coats for light to moderate abrasion resistance.
Minimum three coats for commercial use.

Curing time:
Standard curing time per coat 72 hours from application

Can be brushed, rolled or sprayed (spraying requires minimum 3mm tip gun)

Bully can NOT be watered down or tinted

Bully can be top coated with 1K and 2K paints

Customer Reviews

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Looks great!

By: on 14 October 2021
I bought 1L of Bully Liner to spray my bullbar, I also wanted to use this as a test as I was considering painting the whole vehicle with it. I'm very happy with how it looks on the bar but in my opinion the texture is too course to do the whole vehicle, but the 1L gave me just enough coverage to do the bullbar and all of the bolt on flares which look great!


Bully Rubber Liner

By: on 4 April 2021
At first I was sceptical about committing to use something like this to respray my car with as I hadn’t heard a lot about the product. I built up my confidence and could not be happier with it. Super easy to use and an amazing end result. With the prep kit and a few hours of sanding it was the easiest weekend job I’ve done. I did use 4 cans up and would probably recommend going 6 just to be safe next time. Thank you, great service and extra fast delivery.


Bully Liner

By: on 3 February 2021
Easy to apply and clean up, Super tough coating!


Midnight bully liner used on ute tray

By: on 14 May 2020
I sprayed my entire home made tray with bully liner and have loved it. Preparing the paint is very easy, as you don't have to mix it or dilute it. The gun that comes with the paint is very simple to use and works very well. I found that when painting my tray, the distance I held the gun from the tray had more of an effect on the texture than the air pressure did, so I had to muck around with that a little bit before being happy with what I wanted. I was also a little concerned at first because the midnight colour came out a bluey grey from the can, and I thought I received the wrong colour, but once it dried it was the right colour I wanted. Clean up is so easy, as it all cleans off with water. So far it seems very tough and works great.


Bully Liner

By: on 27 November 2019
Product was easy to apply by spraying, used double the estimate of litres per square mts, finish came up better than expected,


An awesome product

By: on 15 July 2019
We sprayed my Ute tray ,the product went on effortlessly and looks great.I 100% would recommend Bully linner and use it again.Carbuilders were great to deal with and quick to respond to emails etc.


Bully Rubber Liner

By: on 28 November 2018
This stuff is brilliant. Easy to use and gives a professional finish. I used it as a body deadener in the boot and floorpan of my 1967 mgb gt rebuild and it looks great as well as being hard wearing


Good stuff

By: on 6 December 2017
This is the bomb. Painting the whole car. Big tip. Forget the paint brush. Min use a roller. Good product good price thanks