Mass Loaded Vinyl - Sound Barrier

Mass Loaded Vinyl - Sound Barrier

Heavy weight sound blocking vinyl


Mass Loaded Vinyl is a dense limp barium loaded vinyl designed to block sound waves. MLV can be considered a removable sound deadener and is durable and robust, it suits application where dampening mats and foams are limited.

Mass Loaded Vinyl - Sound barrier Mass Loaded Vinyl - Sound barrier
1 sheet @ 1350mm x 950mm


Mass Loaded Vinyl - Sound Barrier Mass Loaded Vinyl - Sound Barrier
1 sheet @ 1350mm x 1950mm



Car Builders Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) is a heavy weight sound blocking material. Mass Loaded Vinyl features a grained presentable face and is backed with a woven textile backing. This backing allow the use of contact adhesive to glue the material down, typically MLV is difficult to glue and is limited to using toxic vinyl cements. A limp sound blocking barrier MLV is designed to block sound waves and work as a sound blanket. When applying MLV it is important to use a de-coupling layer to seperate contact from the vibrating substate, our Insul-layer foams work for this application.

Create a removable sound blanket with MLV a solution where peel and stick products are not desired

NOTE: This material is not designed as a durable finished surface, it will discolour and show signs of marking. We recommend using conventional textiles or vinyls if you require a finished surface.

Suitable for:

  • Floor pans
  • Wheels Arches
  • Underneath back seats
  • Firewalls and more 


Weight: 4kg/sqm
Sheet width: 1.35m
Sheet length: 0.95m to 1.95m
Thickness: 2mm


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