Mass Loaded Vinyl

Mass Loaded Vinyl
Mass Loaded Vinyl Heavy weight sound blocking vinyl

Mass Loaded Vinyl is a dense limp barium loaded vinyl designed to block sound waves. MLV can be considered a removable sound deadener and is durable and robust, it suits application where dampening mats and foams are limited.


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Mass Loaded Vinyl Mass Loaded Vinyl
1 sheet @ 1350mm x 1950mm
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Car Builders Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) is a heavy weight sound blocking material. Mass Loaded Vinyl features a grained presentable face and is backed with a woven textile backing. This backing allow the use of contact adhesive to glue the material down, typically MLV is difficult to glue and is limited to using toxic vinyl cements. As a limp sound blocking barrier, MLV is designed to block sound waves and work as a sound blanket. When applying MLV it is important to use a de-coupling layer to seperate contact from the vibrating substate, our Insul-layer foams work for this application.

Create a removable sound blanket with MLV, a solution where peel and stick products are not desired

NOTE: This material is not designed as a durable finished surface, it will discolour and show signs of marking. We recommend using conventional textiles or vinyls if you require a finished surface.

Suitable for:

  • Floor pans
  • Wheels Arches
  • Underneath back seats
  • Firewalls and more 


Weight: 4kg/sqm
Sheet width: 1.35m
Sheet length: 1.95m
Thickness: 2mm


Ideal for: 4WD's - firewall barrier to reduce engine noise Trucks - reduce engine noise and heat on floors and firewalls, great for serviceability Exhaust drone - drop in as a boot liner to reduce exhaust drone particularly common in 6's, V8's and flat fours. Engine rooms, compressors etc

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Mass loaded vinyl

By: on 3 November 2022
Pretty good stuff, not difficult to work with or cut


Awesome product

By: on 28 June 2022
Very effective noise blocker... Although I didn't used this product in an automotive application, I can vouch it works brilliantly in blocking those pesky unwanted noises in a building application too!! I used it on an instant hot water unit cabinet, mounted in a external brick wall, adjacent to a bedroom. Works brilliantly. Easy to use & apply with contact glue. Great advice & great service from the team too.