Sound Barrier Floor Mat

Durable finished floor covering sound mat
Sound Barrier Floor Mat x 950mm
Sound Barrier Floor Mat x 950mm 1 sheet @ 1350mm x 950mm



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Car Builders Sound Barrier Floor Mat is a durable heavy weight barrier used as floor coatings in today's prime movers. The 4kg p/sm mass loaded vinyl upper layer features a durable black leather look face making it ideal for cargo areas or as a floor covering. The material uses a closed cell foam as a de-coupling layer to create the most effective means of acoustic blocking. The closed cell foam will not hold water, is removable and does not require glue.

Ideal for:

4WD's - firewalls, floor pans  and cargo areas
Trucks - floors and firewalls
Exhaust drone - drop in as a boot liner to reduce exhaust drone particularly common in 6's, V8's and flat fours.

Note: due to the weight of our Mass Noise Liner it is not recommended for use on the underside of horizontal surfaces. For these applications you should use our light weight foam such as Acoustic Liner, Water proof carpet underlay, Under bonnet insulator or our 6mm Insul-layer.


Weight: 4kg/sqm
Sheet width: 1350mm
Sheet length: 950mm & 1950mm
Thickness (Top layer): 2mm
Thickness (Bottom layer): 6mm
Total thickness: 8mm

Ideal for: 4WD's - firewall barrier to reduce engine noise Trucks - reduce engine noise and heat on floors and firewalls, great for serviceability Exhaust drone - drop in as a boot liner to reduce exhaust drone particularly common in 6's, V8's and flat fours. Engine rooms, compressors etc

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