TXT Coating - Textured Underbody Vehicle Paint - Black

Durable Texture Coat
TXT Black Durable Texture Coat
TXT Black Durable Texture Coat Black - 1L


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TXT Texture Coating is an Australian-designed and manufactured 1K textured underbody car paint, meaning it does not require a hardener. The advantage in not having to catalyze an entire tin means you can cap it and save it for later. If you finish spraying and there is still paint in the tin, instead of throwing the paint away, you can simply unscrew the tin, clean out your gun and put a lid on it, ready for another application at a later date. The bottle has a Schutz connector so it will easily connect to your Schutz spray paint gun. This versatile underbody paint offers defence against impacts, scratches, rust, and moisture.

Suitable for a wide range of applications like:

  • Wheel arch paint
  • Stone guard paint
  • Trailer paint
  • Toolbox paint
  • Bar work paint
  • Underbody paint

    Its advanced 1K paint formulation provides a durable coating with outstanding adhesion to metal, aluminum, fiberglass, plastic, and wood.

Compatibility: TXT can be painted over acrylics, epoxies and urethanes. Note the solvent used in TXT will dissolve and attack alkyds based paint (enamels and NC Laqures) We suggest painting out a small sample when painting over unknown coatings.

Q. Do you do a 4L kit?
A. Simply purchase 4 x bottles. The beauty with TXT Coating is that it does not require a hardener therefore you do not have to buy a "kit" and can purchase any quantity you want. 

Coverage per 1L tin:
1 coat - 2.7sqm to 3sqm
2 coats- 1.35sqm to 1.5sqm

IMPORTANT: TXT Texture Coating 1K is not compatible to be painted over enamel paints.

Spray Gun- Ready to spray in a 1L tin, simply shake and shoot with our underbody spray guns.
Choose from our entry-level, cost-effective solution Underbody Schutz Spray Gun or the premium Adjustable Underbody Spray Gun

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Mask Kit includes:
Masking Film Plastic w/Tape & Dispenser -  2.7m x 18m
UV Resistant High Temp Masking Tape - 1 x roll 24mm x 50m

Paint Prep Kit includes:
SoPro Surface Prep Cleaner - Easy to use pressure Pack 
Car-Rep Etch Primer -  Easy to use pressure Pack





Bare metal, aluminum and galvanized steel - abrade with a minimum 80-180P sandpaper. Clean surface with solvent based wax and grease remover or isopropanol, ensuring surface is free from dust, grease, oils and contaminants. 
TXT can be applied direct to metal however, for best corrosion protection we suggest using a suitable primer such as etch or epoxy direct to metal then applying TXT.
If allowing primer to fully cure, you will need to treat this as a cured painted surface and abrade the primer to ensure maximum adhesion.

Rigid Plastic / Fiberglass - abrade with a minimum 80-180P sandpaper. Clean surface with solvent based wax and grease remover or isopropanol, ensuring surface is free from dust, grease, oil and contaminants.  TXT can be applied direct to Rigid plastic /fiberglass surfaces.
Flexibly plastics - abrade with a minimum 180-240P sandpaper, clean surface with solvent based wax and grease remover or isopropanol. We recommend using a plastic adhesion promoter before applying TXT coating to ensure best adhesion.
Wood – TXT can be applied directly to wood, avoid using liquid solvents to clean, make sure wood is dry and free from dust and contaminants.   

Black TXT coating in tin is ready to apply, no decanting, hardener or reducer is required.
Shake tin for a minimum of 3 minutes immediately before applying to ensure successful mixing of coating.

Spray Gun
– suction feed Underbody Schultz guns are designed to screw directly to the TXT coating tin, use with a minimum 4mm tip. NOTE Test gun operation before attaching to coating tin.
Air pressure – 50-100psi (3.45 –6.9 bar) Higher pressure will give a finer texture, air pressure should be tested before application to achieve desired result.
Spray Distance – 20-25cm (8-10inches)
Application – Spray in an even overlapping pattern, apply a minimum of 2 coats
Coat 1 – Aim for 95% coverage, allowing flash off between coats 10mins @ 25°C (in colder conditions increase time frame between coats)
Coat 2 – Aim for 100% coverage, If spray pattern is visual on completion of final coat simply increase spray distance to 45-60cm and lightly spray over the surface with 45° passes to haze texture and even out the coating, do this until the desired finish is achieved.  

DRY FILM BUILD (theoretical)
1 x Coat = 100µm, 4.0mils (0.1mm)
2 x Coats = 200µm, 8.0mils (0.2mm)

Touch dry in 3-4hrs @25°C, allow 5-7 days for full cure with exposure to UV
Dry time can be reduced by baking, not recommended exceeding 60°C

Approx. 2.7m2 - 3.0m2/L , tested with application by schultz gun at 70PSI

Clean equipment with solvent based gun wash, acetone or thinners.

Keep in a well-ventilated area at room temperature away from direct sunlight.


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By: on 23 October 2023
Great stuff easy to apply but I should of got another 2lts