5 sq/m - Van Liner
5 sq/m - Van Liner 10mm thick foil faced closed cell foam




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Car Builders 10mm Van Liner is a light weight thermal acoustic barrier designed to line the inside of vehicles reducing heat and creating a vapour barrier. Our Van Liner has been engineered to be flexible and contour directly to curved surfaces. The silver PET face offers durability and tear resistance, this also gives the installer the benefit of being able to tape joints to create a sealed barrier. Our Van Liner will not absorb water and is one of the most effective single layer materials to insulate against heat. Ideal for lining vehicle roofs, door trims, fender cavities, van interiors, campers, trucks and various equipment. Commonly used inside vans and campers as a cost effective solution to thermally insulate when touring.

Gone are the days of waking up with condensation dripping from your roof!


Thickness:                                      10mm
Tempreature resistance:                   -40C to +110C (long term) +135C (short term)
Weight:                                           0.6kg / sheet
Thermal Conductivity:                       0.034 W/m.k

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Unique Install

By: on 25 June 2020
I actually used this product to insulate the inside of my garage door. Works a treat! Couldn't be happier with how easy it was to install. An FYI for anyone wanting to try it with a standard sized double garage door, the 10sq/m fell just short of covering the whole door. It was close enough for me though.


made my van a lot cooler

By: on 8 May 2020
helped a lot with sound but also heat. did my new iload in it, worked a treat over the stage 1 sound deadener. thanks guys


Van Liner fits the bill.

By: on 1 April 2020
I have a new HiAce van. Really noisy..Toyota would not have spent $10 on soundproofing. Disgrace really so I have set about soundproofing and insulating it. I had already bought another brand of stage one deadener and then discovered Car Builders and their products. I bought 2 rolls of Van Liner after talking to the people at Car Builders and must say it is an easy product to use and is starting to make a difference to the van noise. I have a long way to go and at present half way through lining the roof. I am now ordering some Car builders Stage 1 sound proofing and will discuss with them the floor at a later date. I'm very happy with the products and service.