Van Sound Deadening for Short Wheel Base

SWB Van Roof, Walls (Van Liner)
SWB Van Roof, Walls (Van Liner)


Insulation Barrier
Rear Panels

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Please Note: Van Liner Tape out of stock, we are supplying silver Foil Tape instead. No performance difference at all. 


For more info on how to insulate your van look here

Our Van Packs use an efficient 2 stage sound and heat proofing process which saves precious space and keeps it simple. In the side walls and roof we include Stage 1 Sound Deadener and then stuck on top, our Van Liner. The Stage 1 Sound Deadener will reduce resonance and vibrations, making the panels sound solid. The Van Liner will then block sound and heat.

For the serious camper conversions or van fit outs, we recommend to completely seal off the side walls and roof with our Van Seal. This acts as a vapour barrier and creates an extra layer to stop any radiant heat in its tracks.

Short Wheel Base

The Short Wheel Base Van - Van Liner Walls + Roof kit includes:
9sq/m of Stage 1 Sound Deadener -  Install on your roof, and side wall panels cover minimum 50% of single skin sheet metal. Controls panel resonance and vibration
10sq/m of Van Liner - 10mm peel and stick closed cell foam. Create a radiant heat barrier and soft surface to reduce sound energy. Upholstery glue can be applied to this ready to trim with carpet if desired. This material will be supplied as a roll 1m wide by 5m long with a reflective aluminium face
2 x Van Liner Tape - This tape utilises the same reflected PET film used on our Van Liner to create a seamless finish
1 x Trim Removal Kit - A handy set of pry’s and levers to assist in removing automotive panels.
1 x Install kit - Application Roller, Utility Knife and Aluminum Foil Tape
2 x Additional Foil Tape - For use on all vertically applied sound deadener
Bonus Stubby Holder and bottle open (only to be used after the job is done)
Includes FREE delivery to metro capital cities


*Optional Extra*
The Short Wheel Base Van - Floor kit includes:
4.5sq/m of Mass Noise Liner - 2 in 1 sound transmission barrier with closed cell foam. Removable sound deadener which can be cut to the floor shape, does not require glue and can be carpeted over. Also Ideal for floor coverings such as timber, the MNL will create a de-coupling layer and work as a gasket to eliminate rattles and squeaks.


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