How to install Car Builders Under Bonnet Insulation

Date Posted:3 June 2015 

How to install under bonnet insulation


Here's a quick install guide to installing our peel and stick Under Bonnet Insulation. 

1. Choose one corner to start
2. Leave the sheet long on the edges as is will grow shrink as you apply it over all the reinforcement ribs.
You can come back and trim the edges with a blade once the sheet is successfully stuck
3. Peel only a small amount of the backing off and proceed to stick one edge down.
4. IMPORTANT (This is the most important step): Feed the material into all the low spots, careful NOT TO STRETCH IT. This will stop shrink back and de-lamination. Reality is your not going to be ably to get it fully into all the negative shapes however this method will see best results.
5. Use the application roller to feed it concave areas, use the butt of the roller handle to help push it in tight spots, however not too hard to tear the material.
6. Proceed to peel the backing away as you move across and or down the bonnet. Don't bite off more than you can chew and take your time, tear the backing off in areas if its in the way. Remember you can easy lift up the areas with paper still on them.
7. Once the sheet is completely stuck give it a good roll with the application roller to ensure you have good adhesion.
8. Take a knife from the install kit and neatly cut around the perimeter to make and nice shape and edge. Use a steel rule for straight lines to get a neat cut. You will find the foam make the blades blunt really quick, keep snapping them short, use both ends and use as many as you need. If the blade is blunt the foam will tear and present poor.
9. Additional to the self adhesive you can opt to use the black xmas tree clips to mechanical ensure fastening. If you have an old factory under bonnet liner you can overlay it to pick up the clip holes. Alternatively highlight the areas where you plan to fasten before you apply the material.
If you've done a good job send us a pick we'd love to see it.

 Regards Car Builders

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